Sunday, March 05, 2006

Lazy Sunday

As the weekend draws to a close, great progress has been made on the last sleeve of Durrow. Saturday morning I cast on and spent all of the morning knitting like a fiend. Then my best friend who is currently suffering from a lovely case of bilateral dry socket from wisdom teeth extractions came and spent the rest of the afternoon knitting with me. I feel so bad for her, I can only imagine how bad the pain must be. But she is quite a trooper, and after settling in cast on the mate for her sock. By the end of the knitting day I had made it halfway through the second repeat of the second chart. Not bad. Knitting the second sleeve has been much easier now. When I first had to deal with a chart I really thought I'd never catch on. First, there's the symbols, then the reversal of both the symbols and the direction of reading the chart for the wrong side rows. I thought my brain would split. Now it's old hat, and there's lots of times I know what needs to be done next without consulting the chart. And you know what that means.

Yep, I got cocky today, all pro with the charts and stuff, and ended up having to rip and re-knit several inches. That's the thing I like about knitting. It teaches you humility. Yeah, right.

So now it is Sunday evening, I am past all that craziness, and settled in for a nice relaxing evening. I'm making great progress again, and as evening falls I am plugged in to the audiobook of Order of the Phoenix and am covered in cats. The husband is in the library, playing his new WWII biplane game on the computer. I have my Girl Scout Thin Mints close by, my Diet Coke (it's caffeine free after 6pm or I'll never sleep) - all in all, it has been a relaxing day. The cats are relaxed, too.

Hang on, what's that? Or rather, who is that and what is he doing? Let's get a close-up.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's "Action" Jackson who has face-planted in the center of the yarn and has fallen asleep. My pulling the yarn doesn't even wake him. That's how exciting it is around here. Woo.

What is exciting, though, is that I got an email from Jodi Green, the designer of Durrow, who sent me words of encouragement and general good knitting vibes. I think it is just awesome that she took time to check out what I was doing and send me a note. I can't get over how cool this whole knitblogging thing has been. I have "met" so many really wonderful folks - I never would have expected to be a part of an international community like this. It just floors me. I don't know of any other venue that has connected me with so many people - I am really happy to say that my experience with my blog has been as fun and satisfying as the knitting itself, which is truly amazing.

So from a comfy chair covered in cats this lazy Sunday, I am sending good kntting vibes back out to all of you wherever you are. Hope your weekend was as good as mine.

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