Sunday, July 30, 2006

I never would have thunk it.

Well, it has been a snakes on a plane kind of weekend here at the Mount Olympus of chickendom. Saturday started with my weekly date with the needle guy. My left shoulder was acting up big time (post migraine, 2 lost days of my life) and I decided to tell my TCM doc about it in case he had a suggestion to help ease the pain. Well, all I can say is that even if I hadn't been an acupuncture convert before, which I was, I would be now because the man whipped out some Chinese magic or something, and next thing you know I was fixed. Fixed! No pain, nothing. Freakin amazing. And you know what he did? One needle. In my right ankle. For my left shoulder. Magic, I tell you! I don't understand, I just believe.

So now I am ready to use my nifty new spindle at the demo for the Fayetteville Library that was scheduled that afternoon with my SCA group. Here is a lovely picture of me all rentarded:
Just your average 15th century peasant
That's me in the middle. Do you see the spindle? No, you don't. And do you know why? Because it rained, cats and dogs, and then the ground steamed gently for a good long while after that. Somehow it never occured to me that wool was hair and that the same weather that would cause a bad hair day would bring about a bad wool day, but there it is. I did try to spin, but the roving was sticky and kept frizzing out in my hands. I mean blow out kit frizz. Almost like static electricity would do, only more soggy and less shocky. So I packed up the spindle and the wool until a friendlier atmosphere could be found, and joined the rest of the ladies under the dayshade-become-sweat lodge while our men fetched us cool drinks and ice cream. Not so medieval, the ice cream, but very very welcome.

From there we headed off to Grantville, to have dinner with an old friend who opened a pizza restaurant there.
Nick with his sign - I love it!
This is Nick Sasso, who along with his wife Kim owns Nick's Pizza Stop which has the best pizza I have eaten since I moved to Atlanta 13 years ago. No joke. I would make the drive again for more of that, and the dessert we had of fried brownies, bananas foster and cheesecake would bring peace to the world if we can just work out the distribution plan...

So no spinning, and very little knitting, no exciting impromptu knitblogger meetups like last Sunday when I met Mouse, Jane and Sandy in person at Knitch, but deep fried desserts have their own charm, I can assure you.

There is plenty of knitting in the future, though, as I have a date with Amtrak next week, and all the fixings for a 22+ hour knitting extravaganza. Look for train knitting reports to come. And next time you're in Grantville Georgia, head over to Main Street for some great pizza, and tell Nick hi for me.


Mouse said...

I'm going to have to get someone to take me to that pizza shop you mentioned.. it had me at "stromboli". I haven't had stromboli since I moved from PA 8 years ago. ::drools:: thanks for the tip on the good eats! (and I hope to run into you in person again!)

The Purloined Letter said...

What a great picture! You must send it to him! He might use it in advertising or something. (And hey, see if you can get one of him holding a sock-in-progress a la Yarn Harlot!)

Hockey Mom said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! I'm going to have to check this pizza place out myself. The old DH loves a good stromboli.

Amanda In GA said...

The pizza shop sounds amazing! Can you let me know who your TCM doc is or and address phone number or something. I have been looking for one. I live in Cumming but it will be worth the drive for a good one. Thanks for your help


Anonymous said...

Hey! How sweet of you to blog about our pizza! We've been closed for relocation this winter but we are just about ready to reopen, at least for take-out - dining room may take a little while. Fellow SCA-ers Jon and Cian helped with the buildout. You can see pictures of them at

We'll have to plan a big SCA or knitting party at Nicks - one of our neighbors started a local knitting club. - Kim/Mira aka "Nick's Wife"