Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Welcome to the Machine

What do you do when that madman Kaffe Fassett finally designs the most beautiful piece of knitting in the world? In 40bagillion colors, with color changes nearly every row and a 186 row color repeat? And, to cap it off, a mile wide, in boring, boringer, boringest stockinette?

It's a freaking scarf for petes sake. I am up to my ears in scarves and I do not need any more. But this is not merely about need. This is about desire. I do not, however, plan on spending the rest of my life knitting a boringest damned stockinette scarf no matter how much I love it. Anyway, as process a knitter as I am, I want this product, dammit, and I want it now!

Enter the Studio 360. My dirty little secret.

A match made in heaven, too I might add. I had no idea how the machine would like the doubled KSH, and half expected it to chew it up and spend the afternoon removing mohair from machine innards, but she works like a charm. And a few hours out of the afternoon got me nearly through one color repeat (not shabby, remember that's 186 rows with all the color changes). Instant gratification.


Hockey Mom said...

I have a Bond and a Studio 140. Both manual. I think it's awesome - does your 360 have a ribber? I haven't seen the pattern, so I can't tell if there's a crochet border (would KF do that anyway) or is it some other type of border?

Love it.

Cirilia said...

Crochet, right? Man, I am pricing machines right now...

The Chickengoddess said...

Yep, the border is crochet, and I'm counting on it sealing in all those ends from all the color changes.

Susan @ Damn, Knit & Blast It said...

That's cheating! God, how envious am I? (currently slogging through the boring Sticking stitch....)

Good trick!!