Saturday, October 20, 2007

The chicken oracle speaks. Or maybe boks.

First, I would like to thank everyone who sent in their guesses as to what I broke right before blogger broke. No one guessed, and that was probably due to my lack of information. It really could have been anything! So I took all the names of folks who sent me a guess, assigned them mystical symbols and went out to the chicken. I then spread some feed out and watched the chicken eat until she got bored and scooted off. Then, in the feed appeared a symbol which closely resembled the symbol corresponding to ... Jen! Congratulations, you get a skein of Raven Series STR as soon as it's available!

Sadly, this was not the strangest thing I have done this week. Prior to this I managed to break my toe by using someone elses' steel toe boot. That is the thing that topped off my weekend. And in this picture? The color is actually pretty accurate as of 2 days ago.

Now you see the similarity to the Raven Series colorway. Lots of black blue and purple. My whole foot started getting blue grayish. Fun!!! Now it's much better although I'm still staying off it as much as possible. And while I'm off it, I'm knitting. I finished Jareds' Hemlock Ring Blanket . It was an extremely satisfying knit, and I am in love with the finished throw. Excuse the crappy picture, hey, I'll get more creative when I'm not having to hobble around like a one legged turkey.

And in a total fit of startitis, I cast on these. Yesterday. I can't stop knitting them.

Bird Foot socks by Robyn Gallimore. You can get the pattern of kit from Red Bird Knits. Yes, Canadian, but worth the wait. And, as you see, my foot is much better. Now I have to go and knit some more on the Bird Foot. So I will leave you with one last picture.

Yep, a one legged turkey. (that rear leg is cut off at the knee. She hyperextends the stump and bends her good knee to walk. we call her hobblegobble)


Hockey Mom said...

Oh Holy Hell Woman! That looks terrible. *Shudder*

I once broke both my little toes within 2 days of each other. I feel your pain.

Your knitting is loverly!

Janice in GA said...

I winced when I saw your black and blue foot. Owie owie! Glad it's better.

Love the throw, love the socks.

Claudia said...

WOW - hope the broken toe is healing fast. Boy of boy... Ouch... The fair isle sock is beautiful and makes one almost miss the bruised foot.

Jane said...

Good grief! That look awful. Keep it elevated and keep knitting! Those socks are absolutely fabulous - I'm so impressed with your speed.

Debbie said...

Ouch! that makes my little toe hurt. I hope the steel toe boot looks worse than your tooties.

jenifleur said...

Ooo ack ugh oh arggh! My foot is THROBBING in sympathy! It seems a bad reason to win yarn except that really, there is no bad reason to win yarn. :D

Knit Witch said...

Yikes! That looks terrible!

LOVE the sock though!