Thursday, November 01, 2007


I am not now nor will I be committing to the NaBloPoMo bloglines-clogging nonsense. I just happen to have news (i.e. stuff to show off).

I got my wheel! And I already suck at spinning! It's so cool! I haven't been this excited about being bad at something in a long time! This is a Babe's double treadle Production Wheel.

I figure I will practice treadling for another year or so and then give the spinning part another try. The yarn room also got a serious sound system upgrade.

Bose, baby. I don't even care what bodyparts still hurt, I have amazing sound. So I finally (four days into the vacation) felt up to knitting. And ruining roving. It was great! My husband did good.

I actually got my german language Anna out that has the pattern for Lyra and thanks to Claudia's "Stricken Sie Deutsch" project I was able to make pretty good sense of it. I am amazed at how much I learned. Hopefully my life will never depend on my being able to pronounce any of that correctly, though; I may have the German genes mixed in among the Irish and the French, but none of them went to my tongue which is somehow Japanese. Don't ask, I don't know. Of course, the proof will be in the knitting. If I only think I am reading this right, I will make a very unusual Lyra. Before that, though, I have WIPs that must be FO'd. I guess I'd better get back to knitting now.


Mouse said...

I'm giggling hysterically at your post title because I did a similar bash up name for my latest post. Unfortunately I AM taking part in the "bloglines clogging nonsense" so you might start hating me any day now (take a number.. join the club)lol.
How cool.. you got a wheel! I have a link to an AWESOME steampunk'ed up Babe wheel that looks like a big ol' brass cog. I'll send you the link shortly.

Janice in GA said...

Come to the dark side -- we have ROVING!!!!


Seriously, congrats. I like the black Babes best.

Debbie said...

Oh, I have Bose envy or is it lust?

Yul said...

Cool Wheel!

Jen said...

check out that wheel! I am purposely avoiding trying spinning as I know that it's HIGHLY likely I'll become addicted and I can't afford it on top of the knitting (scrapbooking, gardening, reading, movie watching) hobby(-ies).

And watch out I don't just steal yarn I take it right out from underneath your nose! I got them all at etsy seller Whitewillow. The grey-green-purple skein is called River Rock. Brooke is an awesome dealer-gorgeous skeins, reasonable prices and fast shipper- I swear I'm not getting any kick backs. Just in case though, let her know I sent you ;)