Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Thank Bob That's Done!

Well, I have finished the right half of the edge pattern and started on the left side. Pat will be pleased to know that the left side is far easier than the right. Maybe it's just being so thankful not to have to p2togtbl anymore, I don't know. But I got 5 repeats done in the time it would take me to do 2 of the right side repeats and I actually enjoyed it!

Now I've learned my lesson about saying cocky stuff like giving dates as to when I'll have it done, but I'm hoping to be able to wear it soon. It really shouldn't take much longer. Wow, I should paint that window.

In other news, the Horde are ridiculously adorable. We got them the little clear balls to run around in while I cleaned their cage, and I'm going to have to get some video of that and put it up here for you. It's freakin hysterical. And with my new camera, I can actually get short videos. For now, I'm proud that I can get any pictures out of it. It's way more high tech than my old camera. I sat down with the manuals yesterday and learned how to focus. Sad, that I'm actually all excited about that, isn't it? And it has digital macro. For the hamsters. The tiny fast hamsters.

The cats are getting jealous, but they'll have to wait their turn. I don't know what's funnier, 5 tiny critters rolling around in 5 balls or the view when you leave the room of 9 mesmerized cats staring at the door to the knitting room, just listening to the rolling sounds.


Gotta Knit! said...

I knew there was a reason I just had to order the second glass of wine last night. Was subconsciously celebrating your finishing the right side.

That tiny hamster is way cute!

Kim said...

So cute! I love the little hamster mustache!

Janice in GA said...

P2tog tbl is the devil. There are more annoying stitches you can do, but not many. Congrats on the progress!

Dee said...

This is beautiful! I'm thinking of starting this shawl next, and yours is very inspiring.

Pat said...

OMG - it is looking gorgeous - even all scrunched up!!
Thanks for the encouraging news - I just hope I can figure it all out when I get there - I've never even added an edging so that will be new by itself!
(OK back to reality - I only have 2 repeats of the little feather pattern done)

Pat said...

and congratulations on your JenLa Knit blogger award!

Jen said...

I'm sorry what were you saying? The muzzlepoofs distracted me.

Let me know if you decide to knit any BMPs up. I want to figure out if it's just my knitting, the Hubby's oddily shaped feet or the fair isle-ness of it all. If nothing else, they were fun to reminisce over while knitting up.