Thursday, March 12, 2009

A More Refined Distraction

It is hard for me to pick between spring and fall for my favorite time of the year. Coming from New Orleans, they're both so new to me. The real charm of spring to me is when the cherry trees begin to bloom.
There is something so delicate and graceful about these blooms that charm me to distraction.
So many shades of pale pink, ethereal in their massed glory.
The bark is so dark in contrast to the ghostly color of the flowers.

My favorite haiku sums up my ultimate spring experience:

The cherry blossom
So lovely, so Japanese
Oh God am I drunk


Mouse said...

Refined huh? While the flower pictures are pretty.. I think I prefer lowbrow, especially if it includes hot Bollywood guys covered in dairy products.

mimsie said...

LOL that's the best haiku I've read in a while

Knit Witch said...

Great pictures!