Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Chicken Tragedy, Butt Surgery and Other Tasteful Subjects

Ah, so here I am updating after long last. It has been one hell of a ride, folks. Where to start? Well, let's just dive right in, shall we?

First, not long after I posted about the pullets, my hub and I awoke to an empty cage. Door wide open, no signs of struggle or carnage, but no pullets anywhere to be found. We still don't know whether it was vandalism, animals or not fastening the door well enough the night before, but them chicks is gone. When I'm up to it, I'll be getting at least one more hen, probably closer to equal size with Ophelia so they can go in together from the start. One thing for sure, the Eglu is secure.

Second, there's the whole "when I'm up to it" thing. Well over a month ago I started having trouble with the tailbone area hurting like hell. Eventually it was obvious I needed to seek medical help, so off to the doctor I went. That's when I learned a new term. Pilonidal Tract, to be exact. Um, don't do any google image searches if you don't have a serious amount of intestinal fortitude. Ok, now that I know you are all going off to look at gross pictures, I'll give you a minute.

Fun, eh? And surgery was the only way to deal with this for me. And yes, it isn't butt surgery, strictly speaking (thank God!) but it's close enough, let me tell you. So last Thursday I had surgery and I'm actually doing better than I thought I might. Sitting, and therefore driving are still out of the question, but I can stand like a champion.

The biggest improvement I had hoped for was in my general health and energy levels. You see, for years I had weird problems with my immune system, and had often so little energy that even though I personally don't hold with the whole Chronic Fatigue thing (no hatemail, please) at the same time I was starting to think I had it. Which was a tough little conundrum for yours truly. And there was no explanation for why my body reacted as it did to stressors and illnesses, but it was acting like I was immune compromised and would throw off all sorts of other crazy reactions. Now we think that I had a low level infection in my PT for years, and my body was constantly trying to fight off something it couldn't get to, leading to my immune system conking out and all the fatigue.

I have to say that aside from issues with the incision itself (just the usual post surgical stuff) I feel better constitutionally than I've felt in a looooooooooong time. I'm not hoping for a miracle or anything, but even if I stay where I am now, after this heals completely I'm way ahead of where I was. And I really expect to get better. So we shall see.

Yesterday was the first day I knit in a long while. I'm currently working on a pair of Embossed Leaves (rav) socks in the Bugga! Blue Orchard Bee colorway, which got put way on hold when I started feeling really bad with the abcess. I haven't even updated my Ravelry page yet, but I'm just taking things one at a time. Right now I am blogging from our secondary computer which I can stand at, but none of my pictures are on this computer so I will have to post pics later.

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and give you all a little status report. Ophelia is hanging in there, still laying eggs for us, the postman is still delivering yarn, and I'm getting better every day. Hang in there, I should be fully operational shortly, then I'll have lotus pictures to share as well.

You may all post butt jokes in the comments now.


evilsciencechick said...


OK, got that out of my system.

Glad you're feeling better!



Knit Witch said...

YIKES! Hooray for a correct diagnosis and repair of the issue!!! I have no doubt the correction will have you feeling better - you won't have such a constant drain on your immune system - woo hooo!!!!!!

Oh and.....


Hockey Mom said...

Spawn #1 has the same issue which will need to get resolved eventually. Ugh.

Hockey Mom said...

Butt, I am glad you're feeling better!

Mouse said...

Butt why would we do that? I'm glad you're doing better!

Janice in GA said...

Will you please explain why your butt thinks you're a 15-24 y.o. male? WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING FROM US????

Srsly, thanks for the update. And I'm glad it wasn't hemorrhoids.


BWAHAHAHA, my verification word is "sheep".

Anonymous said...

Poor baby. I went through that TWICE! I had always had the cyst but it became infected (1971) after I bounced around in a sled being pulled by a snowmobile. After lying on my stomach for, oh, a couple weeks, I finally got better, and a few months later had the surgery to have it removed.

Five years later that damned cyst GREW BACK and got infected AGAIN. Another surgery, different doc, different hospital, it never came back. But I found out later the surgeon was dismissed for overall incompetence at the end of the month. Sheesh.

Claudia said...

Oh Alma!!! I am glad you are doing b"u"tter... So, yay for your healing. Yay for the mailman who is still delivering yarn. And yay for Ophelia who is hanging in there and still laying eggs for us.
Sending you a big hug!

Jane said...

Hahahah, you said butt! But really, sorry you had to go through that, but if it ends up helping your overall health, I'm glad it happened so you can feel better. BTW, I think I caught the spinning bug at John C. Campbell, so when you are back to speed, haul yourself and your wheel over here.

machogirl said...

I had the cyst, too. Fortunately, I didn't need surgery, but it was gross and painful and there's no good way to explain to your employer about why you can't come to work (who wants to tell anyone about an oozing cyst where the sun don't shine?). Glad you're feeling better!

turtlegirl76 said...

Oh UGH! That's terrible! They found out you were growing a tail and stopped the evolution before it could grow any longer? That's terrible!

Glad it's been taken care of. I hope you're not in too much pain.

Eve said...

All I can think of is that will teach you to try that Brazilian waxing!


Knits4Bears said...

Glad your butt is better... now to find those darn chicken rustlers.. or maybe it was that chicken hawk! Check with Foghorn. Maybe it was Ophelia (the covert CIA operative)... she didn't take to kindly to the competition as I recall.

Hope to see you soon. :)