Wednesday, May 03, 2006

For my Dye Pal

When I first signed up for Dye-o-Rama, I originally put down jewel tones of blue, red green or yellow as my preferred colors. But you know, just thinking about it, I might rather you dye in colors that really speak to you. I think that if you are really having fun with color, whatever you dye for me will be the best because your enthusiasm will be the greatest. I would really hate to limit you to colors you don't care for and can't get excited about. So if you happen to really be into jewel tones, great, but if not, I'd rather you let your creativity and joy speak to me through your color choices.

I love color, and I don't think there are really any bad colors at all. Even the strangest colors can be used to great effect. And although I don't normally think of myself as a barbie pink or baby yellow kind of girl, an infusion of unexpected color is good for me from time to time.

So, dear Dye Pal, you might not think I'm being very helpful by being so vague, but I am dyeing yarn for someone else myself, waiting to hear their preferences, hoping I will enjoy creating yarn they will like, and I just want to be sure you will have that same enjoyment in the wonderful work you will be doing for me. Please rest assured that no matter what you do, I will be a grateful recipient of your handiwork, and will delight in your creativity.


Susan said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh thank you, thank you Chickengoddess! I feel much better knowing that you are not too terribly picky about colors. I want to send you the best skein possible, whatever colors that turns out to be! I will try really hard to not send you a really ugly brown mess!

Did you happen to see the Smore sock yarn at Knitpicks? I loves smores, smore poptarts, smore ice cream, and any combination of chocolate, graham crackers and marshmellows, but Smore yarn? Yuck!!!