Tuesday, February 03, 2009

It's All About the Tentacles

I have no idea what has come over me of late. I get on these reading jags where I want to read everything by the same author and when that runs out I go to another author, or maybe just a huge series. I am a big sci fi fan, but not fantasy, and my tastes run to works either heavy on the science, big on politics, or post apocalyptic. One of my favorite old series is the Sime/Gen universe, written by Jean Lorrah and Jacqueline Lichtenberg. All but one of the ancient paperbacks I own was published by Playboy and have the most lurid and ridiculous covers.
Possibly the best thing about the cover art is that the artist completely failed to portray anything that happened in the book, and he made the simes look like gens. Anyway, so I've been sucked back into these books, and since it was actually mentioned in this book that simes knitted using their tentacles which made them so much faster, I've been really resenting the fact that I am tentacle free. See? I got it back around to knitting.

What I learned from Rosarie was that project monogamy=FO. And after I realized that I also realized two other things. First, that my other major pieces, Irtfa'a, MS3 and a smaller but nontheless major piece at the time, my Fair Isle Sampler Hat, were all projects which I was monogamous to. Second is that it takes one hell of a project to command that level of loyalty from me.

Then I had to do a little soul searching. Because I always thought I was more of a process knitter than a product knitter, and the level of happiness I felt doing these tentacles-required projects and actually accomplishing them was making me out to be very wrong. What I figured out was that I enjoy the process enough, but it really is the product that my competetive soul longs for. It's just that the process has to be up to snuff to hold my attention or else I go all fickle on the project. So, ulitmately, I'm both.

Anyway, back to tentacles. Which are cool and useful. I signed up for this Sunday.
I was surprised that there were still spots left in the club when I got home from work. I am shocked that there are still spots available. This is Lotus Yarns, folks. Screw the economy, you know you are still going to buy yarn, and Melanie's stuff is absolutely gorgeous and local (for North Georgia). I belonged to her Punk Rock Sock Club, and the woman dyed the most beautiful yarn called "Dookie" for her Green Day installment. Dookie, people. You bet your sweet tentacles she'll create some really amazing stuff for this club. So click on the links above and sign up.

Looks like Rosarie is going to be debuting this weekend, on schedule. I need to rework my goals a bit for the rest of February. Maybe I'll go on a spinning jag. I can do that well enought without tentacles, so I won't miss not having them. We'll see. So I'll have FO pics after this weekend and I'll let you go so you can go sign up for the Mythos club, ok? Bye!


Anonymous said...

Love your process/product analysis. I think it applies to me, too.

chloegoth said...

Aaaaargh! Gas. Bill. Overwhelming. But. Tentacles. So. Tempting. Am. Obsessed. With. Full. Stop.

(Hey - that could be a haiku, with a little work!)