Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What next?

Well, the vest was delayed by migraine, due to the weather, which decided to swing wildly again from cold to warm. Right now we have drizzle, which reminds me of the mostest favoritest and awesome weather map I have ever seen...

Anyway, aside from the drizzle, Rosarie is drying and I feel like I am the shizzle. She looks awesome, and I promise pictures as soon as she is dry. Many, many pictures. Which brings me to my next quandary.

What am I going to knit next? I have to say that I'm all on board now for project monogamy, but truth be told, Rosarie hath kicked me in the buttocks. Yea, verily. And I don't really want to not do a sweater, but I keep looking at my sock yarn.....

I know what that means, though. More frustration. I am a really pitiful sock knitter. Oh, I've made about 6 pair, but if I told you how many single socks I have laying around the freaking sock police would turn up at my door demanding I relinquish my stash to a more dedicated sock knitter or something. I don't know, but it would be tragic.

I've been thinking of spinning as an option. Just take the rest of February off and spin. Or not. Maybe I'll just watch movies and be completely unproductive. Until March. And Isobel. And really, I have a wheel, I just haven't used it much. Last Friday, day one of the migraine weekend extravaganza, my head hurt too much to knit, but I kept thinking about the two bobbins of singles I had just sitting there and next thing I knew I was plying. I could totally do it with the headache. I learned a lot from the experience. One, that those particular singles made a thoroughly crap 2 ply yarn, but an excellent 3 ply. Lookie for yourself at the excellence.
From this roving I got from SPACE!Romantic
I brought it to Knitch Sunday and showed it to Hockeymom and EvilScienceChick, who pronounced that it did not suck. Then the biatches Rickrolled me! Right there in the store! Anyway, I am thinking that I really have far too much roving in my possession for someone who spins as little as I do. I have been loath to spin most of it because it is so pretty and I am not experienced enough to not ruin it all, but if I don't spin I'll never get better. So I guess the point of todays post is that I've just talked myself through the whole question and spinning has been chosen for the rest of February. Well, at least I can drink beer and spin. I sure as hell can't drink and knit worth a damn. And Sandy and Regan, I'll get you back. On that you can rely.


Jane said...

Well clearly, you need to offload your sock yarn on me! Sorry about the migraine, but it's good to see it didn't effect your plying. I have the same problem with my roving stash - it's kind of a self defeating proposition. The only answer is spin now, spin often.

Mouse said...

ROFL I love the weather map. I sort of feel like "shizzle" right now.. I also have a migraine. Congrats on finishing the sweater. I can't tell you how many socks I've got around here that are unfinished.. I suck at sock knitting too. I love wearing handmade socks but I really am terrible at knitting them.. especially knitting a whole pair!

Hockey Mom said...

I am not scared. Nope. You don't scare me. Nuh-uh.

Janice in GA said...

I am tolerably certain that doing something easy after doing something hard is Perfectly OK.

I NEED some socks, but I can't decide what pattern to make. There are Too. Many. Damn. Choices. I should just cast on something plain and easy. But I don't want to be BORING. :: cries ::

Can't wait to see the sweater!