Monday, October 03, 2005

I'd like a slice of Kitty Pi please.

Actually I had Fletcher from Simply Noro on the needles at the time. Being my first ever kniting project that included *gasp* purling, and also the first thing I have ever tried to knit solely from instructions, I had frogged an entire front section and several partial sections until I was beginning to hate the project. I put it away for a while and decided to knit for my cats. I had seen this cat bed on lots of other knitblogs and it looked simple enough, so I ran to my fave LYS and scored Big Kureyon, fizzly things and big fat needles and settled in for a few days knitting.

Now, I have eight cats. Yes, I know, but they rarely gang up on you all at the same time, so it's actually more like having 2 cats constantly with you. The cats just keep changing. Anyway, seven of these eight cats completely ignored me. Mind you, I was knitting for them. Ungrateful little furballs. When I had been knitting for myself they were "all upons", but knit for them and they scatter. Except one, the youngest, the saber tooth boy, our "action" Jackson. He loved the yarn in a slightly worrisome way...

...and I could not keep him away from it the entire time I was winding it up. He would stalk me while I knit it and since then I have not been able to keep him out of it long enough to felt it. I guess this FO is on hold for now.

Pattern: Kitty Pi
Yarn: Noro Big Kureyon Color 1 - 2 skeins
Trendsetter Crisantemo Color 3 - less than 1 skein
Crystal Palace Fizz Color 7303 - less than 1 skein
Needles: Wood dpn Size 11 Bamboo Circulars Size 11


monkeemaven said...

Eight cats! Only three and a half in this house, but they certainly make themselves known...
(The half a cat is our cranky outdoor cat who is slowly being turned into an indoor cat.)

On hold? Jackson seems to think that's a finished object; why argue with him? He sure seems to appreciate his new bed!

justcinful said...

That's a very pretty kitty and Pi! :)

If we had 8 cats I think hubby's have a heart attack. Me? Except for litter box duty I wouldn't mind.

Ada said...

Beautiful cat and i think that might be a while before that kitty pi is finished indeed. He looks so relaxed in there.