Sunday, October 16, 2005

Me and Mr. Noro, we got a thing going on (or the evil Japanese conspiracy)

I am firmly convinced that Japan really is designing exactly what I always wanted solely to force me to buy it. Is that a bit conceited perhaps, that an entire country would be somehow involved in a conspiracy to separate me from my cash by making stuff that makes me want to own it? Well, let me tell you that being saddled with the responsibility of being a chickengoddess was quite enough of a shock, but once you get comfy with the idea of being a deity to poultry, then yeah, it's pretty easy to see a pattern emerge that has me written all over it.

First came the Nissan Murano. OK, it is the coolest car EVER. It looks cool, it drives cool, it has a cool transmission, cool dash panel, cool colors, and is named after the island of Venetian glassworkers, which heaps coolness on an already awesome car (for a glass making poultry deity like me). It was obviously designed for me with me in mind, thankyouverymuch Nissan. I knew the first time I saw it it haaad to be mine in that special way that makes you feel a little worried. So the whole purchasing thing was pretty secondary considering it was all over from the start, and Japan knew that. I know they did.

So about two months ago I thought I'd take a knitting lesson. I needed a stress reliever and a change of pace from my ordinary hobbies, and my LYS had a sign posted in the window advertising knitting lessons, so I drove my awesome Murano over and signed up. One, I had no idea that knitting could be so expensive! Two, I didn't know it at the time, but Japan had once again anticipated me, and this time it was a trap that would probably cost me as much as the Murano given time.........


I know I am not the only one who has fallen under the spell. Crazy Aunt Purl has recently waxed rhapsodic about it in a way I understand oh so well. I just want to know what it would be like to actually fill the Murano with Noro and drive it home. And then roll around in it all for a while. Every time I go looking for yarn I find some new perfect yarn, in the perfect color or texture, only to pull it out and see that black label. So out of the 4 WIPs I have going on 3 are Noro, and my FO is Noro, and now I will have to do something with that Transitions. It's an evil Japanese conspiracy, I tell you.

Meanwhile, if I save enough of these labels I should be able to completely cover my dining room table in them. Decoupage, anyone?

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Elabeth said...
They have some realy good prices on the Noro.