Saturday, November 05, 2005

Fuzzy Pair

There is probably some mystic and eldritch reason that this weekend will see the completion of the Fuzzy Feet. This weekend has become a celebration of all things feet, somehow. Today I started and finished foot number two, tomorrow I will be felting and shaping them, then my darling husband and I will celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary with the late show of Riverdance at the Fox Theater. I don't know what I will be knitting next. I have real tiny scary sock yarn, but I am now armed with special sock knowledge. I also have the stuff to make a Birch shawl. After my first unblogged about and frankly humiliating experience with lace knitting, I am still determined but possibly still unready to try lace so soon. Maybe I'll just pretend all that doesn't exist and go on a finishing binge. I've still got the Clappy and that dratted Fletcher hanging over my head (kinda like the sword of Damocles, only without the fun musical accompaniment of Rocky in his little gold lame bikini undies singing about it). For now, look for finished object photos of the felted feeties tomorrow.


laurie said...

Ok, your fuzzyfeet look PROFESSIONAL. WOW. I love them!

Maybe one day I will finish one... maybe...

Until then, I look at your fuzzyfeet in awe and wonder!

Leah said...

Wow your fuzzy feet look great! I am so impressed that you've only been knitting for two months & you've already knit socks & tried the clap!! WOW!

Oh & congrats on your anniversary! I'm in Atlanta too & the Fox is such a lovely venue to see a show! I hope you had fun!