Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Knittin' Large

I have been knitting for maybe two months now. So far, I've done really well at identifying projects that are too advanced for me, and I have learned to back up. I really need one of those annoying beepers for when I go into reverse and back into a simpler project. I wanted to learn cables so I started with Forbes Forest, which quickly set the little robot in my mind screaming "danger, Will Robinson" and I backed into Coronet, which was a total success. I jumped in to trying Branching Out in Douceur et Soie (that's right, I didn't even blog about that disaster) and learned that I needed to back into wither a simpler lace project or a try at that pattern with a yarn I can actually work with, I haven't decided which yet. I took a break from the endless (but I'm OK with that) Clapotis to back into a totally mindless, skinny and wonderfully fast mistake rib scarf. Again, success, set to the soundtrack of my reverse warning beeps.

So what do I do? I go out and buy "Knitting on the Road" and "Knitting Vintage Socks". I need to have my head examined.

Actually, this is all Lolly's fault, her and her evil Soctoberfest. I really couldn't have cared less about socks till all the cool pics started showing up all over the web, and then it was too late. She even ran away to Hawaii, undoubtedly going into hiding to avoid me giving her looks because she started the sock fire which now burns brightly within me. But yes, now I must knit socks too. I never realized I was that much of a joiner, but I guess I am, and there's no shame in it I suppose. Actually there is plenty of shame, but it rests mostly in my total lack of sock knitting knowledge.

Crazy Aunt Purl to the rescue! This is the second time I have mentioned her in this blog, which is just a baby blog, and I swear if I mention her again I am just going to have to apply to her for adoption. Anyway, thanks to her Fuzzy Feetalong, I will not only be knitting socks, I will be KNITTIN' LARGE (socks). Somehow this reminds me of this strange flash animation. And with that vision firmly in our heads, picture me knitting Fuzzy Feet.

Now picture me knitting the heel according to instructions which just seem wrong and taking it on faith that the kind and generous Theresa wouldn't lie to me - and succeeding!!! I am so stoked over this giant and increasingly sock shaped creature spilling forth from my oversized needles! I feel a little like Dr. Frankenstein creating his monster. I dunno, maybe that's the leftover Halloween candy I washed down with a beer talking. Nothing like knitting giant socks drunk with the sugar high from hell. I recommend it highly (no pun intended).

Here is Samantha with my first heel and gussett. Marvel at the natural splendor of this REALLY BIG SOCK!

Well, these are cool, and they're fast! I have finished one already.

On to fuzzy foot Number 2!


Lolly said...

A sock fire that burns within you! hehe! Now that is passion :) Glad you caught it too!

I promise--I am not THAT evil :)

anmiryam said...

Thanks to Lolly I bet sock knitter's anonymous will see a large uptick in membership. Can't wait to see foot #2 when they're done.

Tripper said...

Ah-HAH! You did this to me!


Theresa said...

Whoo hoo! (And thank you so much for the lovely compliments...)