Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Feet, They are Fuzzy.

And they fit the husband very well. I have been avoiding the felting because I was worried about what would happen, then I realized how bass ackwards that was and threw them in a pillowcase and went for it. I think they are lovely and with the white stripe on only one of them, the right and left will never be confused. Yeah, ok that's lame, I just didn't like the stripe all that much after the first one so I didn't do it on the second. I let the husband do the shaping because they were his, and although they lack the ocd perfection they would have had if I had exercised my usual control freakiness over that aspect of the project, he likes them just fine and I like that he wears them. All in all this was a very fun KAL.


anmiryam said...

Alma, I'm glad that they turned out so well and that your husband is happy with them. Now you should make yourself a pair!

Debbie said...

Your fuzzy feet look good and I like only one has a white line. Reading your second to last post, I'm amazed how much we have in common! I live in City of Decatur, my husband and I had talked about getting chickens but never did it. So you can have chickens in Downtown? There are foxes in downtown? Who knew!

My father was stationed in Japan before I was born so have lots of Japanese stuff in our house. Small world!