Friday, December 02, 2005

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

First, I have been knitting. I haven't been knitting as much as I would like because my life has been insane. I don't know why I am not just used to that by now, but there it is. I have started Durrow from MagKnits, and I have finished the back and started a sleeve. I am having the same frustrations with the cable chart that really got to me when I tried Forbes Forest, but now that I have a clue of what I am doing I have only had to frog it once before getting a good start. I am using Donegal Tweed from Takhi in the darkest green I could find, as that is the husband's favorite color.
Lookee... and remember 4x2 rib = stretchy - this looks more like an arm than a back, but it is a back.

And here's the yarn with the Merlin for proper color comparison...

As I have been moving through my knitting projects I have tried the different ways of knitting to see what works best and what I was more comfortable with. Because this rib pattern was perfect for it, this is the first time I tried "combination knitting", and I really like it. I figured out a cheat way to set up my stitches so I didn't have to start with a purl row. From the cast on I just transferred the stitches to the other needle, twisting them or not for the pattern setup, then when they were done (since I used circs) I slid them all back down to the side I started from and I was ready to knit. I noticed my speed increased, and my knitting was almost painfully even and perfect. But since there were 3 new factors to this project, I am not sure what is responsible for the change.

Was it the needles? (this was the first time I've used Addi Turbos)
Was it the Combination knitting style?
Was it the yarn?
Was it all of the above?

Or am I just that good.....HA!

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Chris said...

Merlin looks eerily like my cat, Chaos.

Y'know, there's a reason they call those Addis "Turbos." ;)