Thursday, December 22, 2005

I have not been abducted by aliens...

although everything else has happened to me, it seems. I have changed jobs which added 20 miles in each direction to my commute and that really cuts into knitting and blogging time. It is really a good thing I am so new to knitting because I had not developed the illusion that I could knit anyone Christmas presents. So no stress there, at least. I had had the bright idea at the beginning of saving wear and tear on myself and my vehicle by utilizing our lovely public transit system, but the first day I tried it I ended up trapped in a station elevator with a bum who had taken advantage of the privacy of the elevator to relieve himself in a way one cannot do merely by standing behind a tree, and that was pretty much the end of my dreams of knitting on the commute, let me tell you.

Anyway, I have also had weekend commitments out the wazoo. My friend Suzy and I did a glass beadmaking demo at the Winter Glass Fest at Janke Studios, where we met this awesome glassblower who works in borosilicate and we learned tons of stuff from him. This season is the birthday season for everyone I know, and between that and all the holiday parties I am about all caked out. We got to the Georgia Aquarium last Saturday and it was amazing, but weekends have been crazy with parties and dinners.

I have been squeezing knitting in when I can. I am struggling with the celtic knotwork cable pattern chart for Durrow, and I am still knitting on the clapotis. Still. Knitting. On. The. Clapotis. I probably won't have another chance to post before the New Year (3 more parties to go, plus church stuff on Christmas) I am having Christmas dinner with some friends who have a twenty something son who knits, so I'll bring the dig camera and get some piccies. My New Years resolution will be to make a little more time for myself out of my new schedule (equals knitting time) so I don't become insane with frustration.

So for now Merry Christmas. See you on the other side.

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