Thursday, February 23, 2006

Not your typical turbos

Most people seem to agree that the most frustrating feature of a set of addis are the blunt tips. It wasn't really a problem for me till I tried playing with lace. I found that while I got the best tips for all the crazy lace manuevers with Bryspuns, I don't like the weightless feel of the plastic and how it grips the stitches. Knitting Durrow with addis I fell in love with the slip and the speed and the feel of the heavy(ish), smooth needles, but the blunt ends were no end of grief for regular stitches, much less k2tog. So I sent a pair of potentially expendable addis with my husband to work. He's a metalworker, and, well, they ain't blunt no more. Not only could you really put someone's eye out with these, you could probably perform eye surgery with them. Me likee.
Radial keratotomy, anyone?
Now, someone has had to have done this before, but I haven't seen it. Oh, and it works like a charm; it works like a mofo. I don't know how long they will last this way now that the brass is exposed, but I intend to find out. And possibly eliminate my need for glasses and contacts if I'm not careful.

Meanwhile, on the frog or finish front, it just ain't gonna happen by the end of February. I have decided that while I have made lots of progress by assigning a deadline, it wasn't a very good one. Hey, this is the first time I'm doing this, so even committing to a finishing date is a learning experience. I have decided to join Got Gauge in recognizing the Ides of March as my final date. This would not include objects that might be in a "bag of denial" even if there were such a thing. I think two more weeks will give me just enough time.

Finally, I'm learning about blogs too. I have made a few modifications as I learn about html stuff, and hopefully I will resist the urge to overmodify and keep it pretty tasteful. Let me know if my blog starts looking like it got hacked by a 12 year old boy.

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Chery said...

I've thought to pencil sharpen my bamboo, I'm too chicken. Good idea on the addis. Please tell me about the book pictured in your January 21 posting. It is very interesting.