Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Seriously Shrinky-Dink

Durrow is coming along very nicely. I have only one more sleeve to go then to whole thing goes together, gets a neckline and I have another FO. I really can't wait, because this will be my first FO of 2006 (one sock really doesn't count, you need a pair) and I will be making good time for my end of February frog or finish deadline. The unblocked 4x2 rib does make it look a bit on the slim side, but it stretches like crazy so it will fit just fine.

Honestly, this biggest problem I am having with this sweater is getting good pictures of it. I am no photographer, but my digital camera usually does pretty well. This yarn is so dark, however, that I can't get anything to show up well and my backgrounds burn out every time. Hopefully, by the time it is done I can get it on the husband and get a decent pic outside on a sunny day. Maybe that will help. Any suggestions on photography are welcome.

As I progress in my knitting endeavors, I find the hardest thing to do is to trust directions I don't understand. So far I have been pretty fortunate to have worked with good instructions - which is a really good thing. I would be totally unprepared to strike out Grumperina style and rewrite bad or error laden directions. But turning a heel is learning about faith, let me tell you. From the Fuzzy Feet to the 1st real sock, I have to blindly trust in directions which seem to make no sense at all, and that just goes completely against everything I stand for. Even in Durrow, which is the first neckline shaping I have done, the directions looked weird until I followed them and the thing just happened. It is so cool to learn to let go like this.

That being said, I have no idea now what I'm going to do about the Clapotis. I am completely sick of it, but it looks so beautiful...I don't know. Most of my wool and WIP's reside in gargantuan Ziploc bags where I can enjoy them while keeping them clean and bug free. Cat free, too, which is a very big thing in this house. I have one sack about the same size as the Ziplocs which is a cloth drawstring bag I got as my only souvenier of Riverdance (yes, the souvenier selection was that lame...) and I might just put the clappy in there and forget it exists for a while. I shall call it the denial sack, or my +2 magic sack of disappearing, or something, and it will be my new best friend. That way I can decide not to decide on things like this until later. Ah, the underrated joys of procrastination.


vox8 said...

I didn't know you were so into Frozen Oranges.

Yay for updating!

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jodi said...

Believe me, Durrow grows. The guy I made it for likes his sweaters somewhat roomy, and even though he's the same size as the model in the pattern photos (on whom it looks fairly slim fitting), the final recipient absolutely loves the fit.